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Why Giclee Prints?

Giclee is a process that uses a 12 color ink jet printer, acid free papers, and pigment based archival inks. This insures that your prints will never degrade or yellow over time and allows a better longevity. Giclee printing allows the artist to provide a quality product for their customers that will never fade.

Etu In Space

Etu in Space was created in August of 2019, and one of my favorite pieces to date. I love the colors so much! When I was painting it, I had a drive I can't even describe- I knew each layer before I started, and technically I find it much better than a lot of my earlier work. it is 11x14 inches, and the Giclee print is as well. The original is listed at $450, so this is an opportunity to have it at a fraction of the cost.


Swirling Castle

I love lots of fantasy including movies, books, video games.... I wanted to create this castle that was reminiscent of several of my favorites- heavily influenced by Hogwarts from Harry Potter, this painting also was inspired by descriptions of Kredic Shaw Palace from Mistborn, the University in The Name of the Wind, and other high fantasy books.