About Me

Emmy Anastasia is a graphic artist and designer. Specializing in works that are inspired or influenced by pop culture, she is known as an artist who is fiercely relevant and unceasingly expressive. In addition to art, she is deeply involved in politics and social justice issues, both topics that she draws into her work at times. She is someone who is intent on changing the world, making a positive mark in any way that she can. A nerd at heart, she enjoys expanding her worldview and learning things, especially when those things relate to her core interests in some way.
Emmy is based out of Denver, Colorado.

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She studied under several prominent artists and professors during her undergraduate program in Technical Theater at both Bethany College and Metropolitan University of Denver. Her art tends toward fantastic with an explosion of color, swirls, and fauna. She leans toward still life paintings but occasionally dabbles in character creation for her favorite fandoms.

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